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Lupus Consulting

Services: Development Center

Development Center

On-Site Model

Our developers are present on the site during the whole project and they fulfil their tasks according to the instructions of the local managers.

100% On-Site Model can be delivered upon clients preference.

Near-Shore Model

Our "Senior ABAP developer(s)" work On Site and receive program specifications created by the client.
Work is delivered by our "ABAP developers" in our Development Center in Budapest.
Quality assurance and delivery of the developed programs will be realized by the "Senior developers" dedicated to the project.

With the adaptation of the Near-Shore Model our clients achieve considerable savings.
Also, the project management has the opportunity, to handle the congestion of tasks possibly evolved, while the developers of the Center are flexibly mobile for the realization of the development tasks.

We enforce permanent communication between the project and the developer team through the Senior developer with ad hoc presence on site of the project and permanent possibility of efficient usage of the latest communication technologies (video-conferencing desktop sharing, etc.).

Near-shore  Off-shore

Advantages compared to the Off-shore Model

Why do we suggest to choose the Near-shore Model for development tasks?

Efficient way to deliver!
  • Same time-zone —> simple communication
  • Flexibility —> possibility of travelling to the site of the project if necessary
  • Cultural proximity: European Standard working manner —> schedulable deliveries
  • Considerable savings in communication costs - because of the expertise of developers:
    • Lower consulting resources needed
    • Less detailed specifications needed
  • Lower travelling costs