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Within the framework of the co-operation between German based CTI Consulting AG (Kassel, Germany) and the Lupus Consulting Kft we launched our automation services under the label FORM FACTORY®, which uses the current form editors (Smart Forms, SAPscript) and the extended possibilities of SAP® Interactive Forms by Adobe® (IFbA) technology.

  • Nearshore Support & Maintenance packages for development and maintenance of forms
  • The solution enables our partners to make the paper-based communications and business processes more efficient and user-friendly through Adobe® PDF form technology in the existing SAP® applications
  • Increased efficiency resulting from automated processes (data that are entered into ADOBE forms are automatically transferred to the SAP database)
  • Decreased cost through easy access to areas within the SAP® infrastructure for employees and business partners, who dont have direct access to the SAP® systems

PM maintenance process using Adobe Interactive Forms

This (slightly simplified) process shows the processing of a notification / maintenance request and maintenance orders using Adobe Interactive Forms. After filling the form it is sent to the SAP system and generates respective notification and the PM order in the background. The status of the order can be followed up on the interactive form in every state.

A notice can be sent to the SAP system in two ways:
  • On-line
    In this case the Abobe Interactive Form is embedded in a Web Dynpro. To use the Web Dynpro the user must be logged onto SAP. The changing of the order status can be followed online.
  • Off-line
    In this case the Adobe Interactive Form will be sent automatically to a given email address as an attachment. In this way the user authentication isn't required to the SAP system, the processing of the email is made by a program connected to a service user. We can draw information about the order status from the automatically created answering email and form.

Video with English comment:

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Video with Serbian comment

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