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Lupus Consulting

Services: Development Center

Project Management - Support & Development Organisation

Standard Technology

LC uses state-of-the-art standard technology,
tailored to clients requirements

  • MS Project
  • MS Share Point Technology - centralized and highly adjustable project management & collaboration tool
  • E-room application as poosible alternative technology
  • Telephone- & video conferencing
  • Desk-top sharing

LC-Scorecard Reporting based on SAP Solution Manager

  • SAP Solution Manager used as standard project management tool, LC - Scorecard reportin tool as extension programmed on base of MS Excel
  • Scalable categories & dimensions, defined to clients needs
  • MS Excel based Scorecard standard reporting, e.g.
    • Project milestones
    • Status of tasks & issues, 5 - stage indicators
    • Planned times for tasks, milestones, etc. - Real times

LC - Timekeeping System

  • Web based internal timekeeping system - highly configurable project related controlling tool
  • We regularly use in addition timekeeping systems provided by our clients

LC - Internal SAP system - Off-shore

  • Client specific reporting based on project related commercial figures are available at all times